We live in a digital age, and this means that we are bombarded with offers on our Facebook feed, via email, Twitter, Instagram. leaflets through the door….everything we look at and enquire about is logged online, building up a profile of you as a consumer and fulfilling every marketeers dream.

Beauty ‘bargains’ are becoming widespread across the country as the demand for injectables grows, particularly for men and women their 30s and 40s. These people often don’t have the readily available funds to pay for a qualified practitioner using high quality products, but as far as we are concerned at Synergy – if you are resorting to cut price injectables you are taking a huge risk.


It has been estimated that over 25% of those that take advantage of discounts and offers on Botox, fillers and other cosmetic procedures experience complications. These can range from swelling and irritation to persistent infections, facial drooping, uneven filler distribution, nerve damage and even disfigurement or paralysis. That’s why you must never be swayed by beauty treatments just because they are cheap. Here’s why:


Some cut-rate injectors operate by doing work at or below cost in the hope that you’ll return and pull full price after being happy with the results. However, some limit their losses by diluting the products, which can minimise the effect and cause contamination. The product can become contaminated when taken out of their native syringes to be mixed with water or saline.

Some providers save half-used syringes of filler to inject into the same patient or even worse, another patient, in their next appointment. A reputable physician will use filler in one single use and dispose of anything that has not been used. By keeping filler for a later date it can cause separation over time, making it harder to inject or possibly causing lumps at the entry site. Always make sure that your provider uses a brand new, wrapped syringe with product and unwraps it in front of you. At Synergy Giffnock we would never store opened products and will happily open it in front of you, after showing you how the product is stored and showing you the serial number.


Your provider may have a product because they have a ‘great deal’ from overseas. The country of origin may not be under the same scrutiny and met the country’s particular standards. In addition there’s no way of telling how it has been stored, handled and transported – and if not stored properly the product can degrade and lose their efficacy. However, the only way for an injector to know that a product is authentic and approved is to order directly from the manufacturer or approved distributor. Ask the question, and don’t be afraid to check the details – after all, this product is being injected into your body.


Imitations are on the rise with unauthorized distributors and fraudulent practitioners selling unapproved or fake formulas. These are cheap counterfeit botulinum toxin and within some products there could even be no toxin detected.

The bottom line is money – if it’s too good to be true it will be. Make sure your practice has a qualified doctor administering the filler or botox, ask to see their qualifications and double check that the product is new and from an authorised source.


You may feel that you’re being a pain and that we will find it annoying to answer your questions, but we are completely transparent and would rather our clients are comfortable and secure in the knowledge that our products are safe. Therefore ask the questions, feel like you’re being a pain (you’re not!), and have the treatment knowing that it is high grade, premium product. It’s going into your body – so don’t take the risk.

  • Google your injector. Find out their name and check their qualifications.
  • Inspect the filler. Make sure the box is in English and unopened. At Synergy Giffnock we would always open it in front of you. Feel free to check the product number and expiration date.
  • For Botox, check the box and ask Dr. Judy Todd to show you the ingredients and what they mean.