After the summer holidays when we are home from our annual break and children are all back to school, we get many enquiries from people who are unhappy with pigmentation marks resulting from exposure to the sun, or an increase in freckles.

There are two treatments that we believe to be highly effective in eradicating sun damage. One is a topical treatment by ZO Skin Health, which can help to restore a clear complexion. The other is Lumecca, which is a breakthrough treatment for pigmentation, thread veins, Rosacea and Freckles.


Lumecca improves the skin complexion, reduces irregularities and can give you a much more youthful appearance. It’s suitable for all areas exposed to the sun including the face, decollage, legs, arms and we have had great success with the treatment on the hands.


The treatment involves a flash of light – this can feel like a light elastic sensation. There is no downtime – just a slight redness that will subside within an hour. The pigmentation will darken and flake off in just a few days. Unlike similar treatments, which take 4-5 sessions, you’ll see a difference within just one or two treatments.

ZO Skin Health

Melamin and Melamix from ZO Skin Health are an incredibly effective duo to eradicate pigmentation. chloasma, melasma, freckles and other unwanted hyperpigmentation

Available only by prescription, Melamin used in conjunction with Melamix provide skin bleaching and correcting properties using a highly potent Rx bleaching solution that gradually lightens and inhibits hyperpigmentation by altering the natural processes that cause cell damage. They have been specifically created to help even skin tone by slowing melanin production, it dramatically reduces the appearance of chloasma, melasma, freckles and sun damage.

Melamin Skin Bleaching & Correcting Crème contains 4% hydroquinone, which is a highly effective treatment for moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, especially melasma. The potent compounds within these crèmes will gradually bleach and lighten a wide variety of skin conditions and reduces sun damage.

We recommend that Hydroquinone should be used for a maximum treatment period of 5 months in order to avoid inflammation, rebound hyperpigmentation and reduced tolerance. After this treatment period, patients can maintain their results with the ZO Non-Hydroquinone Brightening System.

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