At Synergy we offer several treatments to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but in our experience there’s one treatment that produces unrivalled, noticeable results – Fractora.

But before we get into what the treatment involves and the results you can expect to see, let’s look at who gets stretch marks, and why they appear.


Many people are affected by stretch marks and they really can have an adverse affect on your self-esteem, especially during the summer when we can’t hide behind layers. They can also appear when we are at our most vulnerable, for example, during puberty and in the late stages of pregnancy when we are already feeling insecure about our bodies.

The most common areas for stretch marks to appear are on the abdomen, shoulders, thighs, hips, and buttocks. They are usually a result of rapid growth and hormone fluctuations during puberty, pregnancy and childbirth, rapid weight gain or loss or an excessive build up of muscle often as a result of bodybuilding.


The thicker deeper layer of our skin, the dermis, is a complex weave of collagen fibres. On top of the dermis is the epidermis, a thin veneer of living cells. Essentially a stretch mark is a tear in the collagen fabric of the dermis, which occurs when the skin is stretched beyond its tensile limit.

When you get a stretch mark, the epidermis remains intact, so what you see is the weakness underneath the epidermis layer. It appears as a visible lighter wrinkling under the skin. This weakness is the stretch mark, also known as striae. They can appear as pink, red, purple or white lines on the skin and can be compared to a ladder in a stocking. Once it’s there, it’s hard to get rid of and it’s appearance is intensely annoying!

Although they can look unsightly, it’s worth remembering that they are extremely common, they fade over time and do not cause any discomfort or medical problems.


There are many lotions and creams available from beauty salons and pharmacies. However, these often just soften the skin and help the discolouration to fade over time (which would happen even without expensive creams). At Synergy we offer several treatments, but the most effective way of eradicating stretch marks is Fractora.

Fractora sparks the growth of new collagen, enabling healthy skin tissue to entirely eliminate the appearance of even the most visible stretch marks. Unlike surgery, which can only remove stretch marks on the abdomen, Fractora can be used on any part of the body where stretch marks appear.


Fractora successfully improves the appearance of stretch marks by rebuilding existing collagen and generating new collagen in the dermis. Fractora essentially uses radio frequency to resurface the skin, removing think layers of skin around the stretch mark and disintegrating the scar tissue of the stretch mark itself.

The body’s self healing capabilities are stimulated, which remodels the existing collagen strands and helping new healthy layers of skin form in the place of the stretch mark.

Take a look at this short animation of how Fractora works:


Side effects include redness and tenderness for a few days, so the side effects really are minimal. If you have severe stretch marks, you may require more intensive treatments, which can result in a longer recovery time. In addition it may not be possible for the complete removal, but you will certainly see a marked improvement.

To remove stretch marks using Fractora you will need a treatment plan of several treatments. We will assess your stretch marks and come up with an effective treatment plan.

If you have stretch marks, take a look at our treatment page and price list. If you would like a consultation and to discuss an effective treatment plan with a member of our friendly, understanding team, contact Synergy to make an appointment.