Do you want a way to achieve a better, younger you in just 30 minutes? You’ll be joining over 130,000 people who have had the Silhouette Soft treatment worldwide!

For natural looking results on the mid face, jaw line, eyebrow and neck, Silhouette Soft could be the answer.


Over time changes occur in the shape and appearance of the face, this is because we lose facial strength, elasticity, fat, none and cartilage. Restoring the loss of volume and definition to the face without having to resort to surgery is now achievable. Silhouette Soft repositions the face, restoring lost volume and stimulating collagen.


Facial rejuvenation is achieved within just a few days, and works repositioning the volume and reshaping the face and neck. It uses state of the art suspension sutras and an extraordinary true technology innovation that opens up a new era in aesthetic medicine.

this tailor made treatment can be adapted to your own unique needs and can be complemented with other treatment. It must only be carried out by a physician that is specifically trained in Silhouette Soft. Here at Synergy Dr. Judy Todd will carry out the procedure. This treatment is minimally invasive and has very little downtime and recovery. You’ll have no scars and it takes just half an hour to carry out.


  • The treatment can offer the following results:
  • Immediate natural looking lifting
  • Progressive restoration of lost collagen
  • Entirely re-absorbable component
  • 30-minute procedure
  • No incisions
  • Long lasting effects for up to 12 months
  • Ideal for the mid face, eyebrow, neck or jaw line

If you would like a consultation, contact Dr. Judy Todd at Synergy today.