When was the last time you sat in a cafe, on a train or even waited in line without glancing down to look at your emails, social media, text messages or photographs?

Looking at our mobile phones has become commonplace – wherever we are and whatever we are doing! In fact, we constantly crane our neck to stare down at our phone on average 150 times a day. In addition, this can cause strained muscles, stiff shoulders and headaches and strain the fragile skin between your chin and chest. The term ‘tech neck’ has now been coined due to the effects of looking down at our devices.


Accelerated sagging, jowls and crepey skin used to start in middle age, but over the last decade it has been happening to a younger generation than before and this is due to the technology we use on a daily basis. Generations today start looking at their phones and tablets from the age of four or five and teenagers are among the worst offenders.

Although we all apply serums, creams and sun protection to our face, we often neglect the neck area. We can even put make up and concealer on our faces, and have Botox or dermal fillers. The neck is a different story and what’s more, when it comes to our age it can be a dead giveaway. It has been said that our faces are lies and our necks are the truth!


One of the best things you can do for the skin on your neck is to look down at our devices less! However, whether it’s a laptop in the evening, a kindle in bed, our tablets on journeys…it can be difficult to maintain.

Instead you could consider making caring for your neck a part of your daily skincare routine much like applying eye creams and serums to the face. A toning massage with oils can help to keep the skin hydrated and there are specific creams tailored to the thin skin on the neck area. Talk to our specialists in the clinic to find out what you can apply to your neck on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for something more long-lasting, we have some incredible treatments available.


NeckTite is effectively a no-knife neck lift. It can dramatically improve the appearance of the neck area, tightening and contouring the skin around the neck using radiofrequency. It is used to help with the appearance of ‘turkey neck’ and a double chin but it can also help with the effects of ‘tech neck’.

NeckTite is an exceptional combination of liposuction and radiofrequency for skin tightening. It will help to define your jawline and give you back supple skin.


It is carried out under local anaesthetic with tiny incision points are so small they don’t require stitches for healing. The hand piece is inserted gently under the skin and measured amounts of radiofrequency are delivered to the subcutaneous tissue. This causes immediate contraction of the skin. Having tightened the skin, a small amount of precise liposuction is carried out around the jaw line to define the jaw. Fat removal is permanent.

Following this, we sometimes recommend Fractora on the area. This is a resurfacing treatment that will deal with crepey skin, helping to further tighten the skin on the neck.

There are some risks, as with any treatment, which your consultant will discuss with you. The treatment doesn’t hurt as you are given local anaesthetic injections for the whole treatment area. This is meticulously done, and is the longest part of the procedure. After this, you won’t feel pain or discomfort, just the sensation of movement of your skin as the NeckTite procedure is performed. With the added Fractora skin resurfacing, you will feel a “pulse” of energy with on the area being treated, although the local anaesthetic controls the pain.

The procedure takes 1.5h in total and often pain relief isn’t necessary post-procedure.


For the first week you will be required to wear a neck bandage at night and will be given antibiotics. You’ll have some swelling but this will go down in a couple of days. If you have had Fractora along with NeckTite you will have some micro scabs and will feel tight and dry and this will prolong the down time as opposed to having NeckTite as a stand-alone treatment.

Keep the skin clean and moisturised and after three days you can wear make-up. The great thing about having a neck treatment is that you can easily disguise any signs of the treatment and it is a less obvious treatment area than the face.

Because the skin continues to contract for several months after the treatment, this can continue to improve up to 18 months after your treatment has been completed.

The effects can last for years.

Dr. Judy Todd is registered medical professional who can help you to eradicate the effects of tech neck. Book now for your free consultation.